Google AdSense… What a Rip Off!

Did you read all those the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions? Are you aware that your AdSense account can be shut down at any given moment without notice? Are you aware that if your Google AdSense account gets disabled all the money you have earned over the past month will be forfeited?

This happened to a friend and it shocked me, actually freaked me out. I blogged about this incident on Friday when it happened, see the post Repercussions of Google AdSense Banning here.  It’s pretty sad that publishers are not given a chance to dispute the accusations and all the money their sites generated in clicks from Google ads for that month is gone, Google just keeps it. How fair is that? What a RIP OFF!

I had no idea this was the case did you? Double check that your complying with those Terms and Conditions here:

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  1. This has always been Google’s policy in regards to Adsense. I am surprised it took you this long to figure it out. Its unfair but what can we do. Google rules the world - either play by their rules or dont play at all.

    “Do no evil” - Google

  2. The problem is that I do not know what rules were broken.

  3. Thanks for the comment Shamim.

    I knew your account would be shut down, but I didnt realize publishers would not get notice to dispute the accusations and I didn’t realize the money you are owed for that month is never paid.

  4. Well you are using their system. They built the infrastructure to do it, made it easy to setup. Play by the rules and you don’t get kicked out. I think this is simple enough; if you follow all of the rules then you won’t get booted for anything, why should you need to get notice if you haven’t broken any rules?

  5. Leafy, are you missing the point that I did not intentionally break any rules? To my knowledge I have done nothing wrong to deserve being shut down.

    Regardless, I should be notified of what they think I have done wrong.

  6. I’m not a fan of Google Adsense at all. I’ve been using them for a couple months now, and I’ve I’ve made is $1.58. You can make more from I don’t know what I’d do without Blogads.

  7. I developed an iPhone game, posted it on’s webapps page, and soon it was the number 2 most popular game and stayed in the top 10 for a few weeks. My bandwidth went through the roof. I was happy about that, so I threw some Adsense code at the bottom of it to cover those costs and make a buck or two. In 4 short weeks, I had racked up over $350 and was about to receive my first payment of $183 when I got “the letter” from google. I never got a dime. I appealed, stating that my game was very popular and that I was not playing foul.

    Too bad, said google. And F**k You, we’re not ever letting you use our adsense program again. (This seems to be pretty common)

    But I read their terms. And I didn’t click my own ads. And I didn’t write a bot or use bots to click the ads. I just wanted some of the American Pie like everyone else. But when I got it, I google at the pie for me. F**kers.

  8. I am 43 years old, married, and a mom. I have been working on several
    blogs for the last 7 months and had adsense on each one. After 7
    MONTHS OF DEDICATION and HARD WORK, I had finally reached the 100 $
    mark and was due to get my first check from adsense. Low and behold ,
    I look in my email and I had a letter from adsense saying I was
    disabled for invalid click activity. I WILL STATE HERE CLEARLY THAT I
    DID NOTHING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN! A person would have to be almost nuts
    to work at something for 7 MONTHS to earn 100 dollars anyhow but I
    did, work that is. I promoted my blogs through a chat program that I
    hang in by just taking people there myself to show it to them. People
    from all over the world were visiting and commenting on my blogs. It
    wasn’t easy and like i said it took 7 MONTHS to get to just the 100
    dollar point. I have filled out and submitted the form for adsense to
    reconsider me but 8 DAYS after being shut out and submitting forms , I
    still haven’t recieved anything back from them. It seems to me that
    Adsense got an awful lot of time and energy and HARD WORK from me all
    for nothing. If Adsense doesn’t re-enstate my account and pay me, THIS
    IS A TOTAL SCAM AND RIPOFF !! And Yes, I have read the rules and sure
    enough they have it all written out legal and everything that they can
    cut you off for any reason they choose - AGAIN, I DID NOTHING WRONG SO


  9. Same thing happened to me. I was making big money with Adesnes. $1000s I have very busy sites. Bent over backwards to obey their terms. Believe me I did not want to blow it. Then I got the email. They said there was click fraud on my account and shut it down and kept about 4 grand.
    I have no idea why it was shut down. I NEVER clicked my own links. If they would have even have given me a hint to what the problem was I would jumped to correct it. The bottom line is that a webmaster working in good faith can be cut off without warning and without recourse. And on top of that they keep all the money for the previous month. It is good paying program but the message is that you cannot rely on them. Use them if you want but my suggestion is to only have them be a small part of your income. They are simply not serious about working with real webmasters. You are not safe obeying all their rules. If you do nothing wrong you DO have something to worry about with Adsense. Very arrogant and dishonest. Too bad. I would not be surprised that the income they receive by not paying for legitimate clicks is part of their financial planning.

  10. It happened to me too. I own a local computer service company and was going to use Google Adsense to help pay for the web site. I generate only a small amount of traffic. When I asked to be paid, they sent me an email canceling my account due to “Mysterious Clicks”. lol I followed all of their rules and feel that they stole at least 12 hours of my time for them to get free advertisement. I am a very loyal person. I do not like being treated this way and I have lost all respect for Google. Google should write a formal apology to all of it’s Adsense customers for being dishonest and wasting their time. Keep it up Google!

  11. Same problem here. They just took my money. I opened second account for a different website, and was very careful to make sure they had no excuses. They cancelled that one as well. I truly believe part of their plan is to steal the money people generate with their accounts. They probably have a quota system where they have to steal x amount of dollars per month. If someone wants to start a class action, count me in.

  12. Yes, I heard about Google banning the Adsense accounts of some of my associates. I was absolutely shocked that they were given no opportunity to dispute the allegations and that Google stole their earnings from them. Obviously, Google wants to do all it can to ensure that it’s program is not abused, however if someone can setup a crawler to *click links* on a competitors website, thereby disqualifying the competitor from AdSense and losing their earnings, I want no part in that program. This is the prime reason I have never embraced the Adsense program nor do I ever click AdSense links.

    Today I got an email saying that my account was disabled(no reason explaining why in the email) Then I log on to the FAQ page and the first question is “why was my account dissabled due to invalid clicks”.
    I NEVER and I mean N E V E R clicked on any of my ads, nor have I even mentioned to my clients or associates about the ads to my site.
    I guess thousands of people are in my situation - earned money and never recieved it, I guess thats how they pay billions to purchase sites like YouTube.
    I have filed an appeal and I am waiting for a response - I really need to know what caused this but the more postings I read, it seems like nobody ever got an answere.
    If there is anyone that has been with this program and continues to make some money, please respond to this post.

  14. Hi Ruben,

    Check out - they have CPM ads that work much the same way as Google Adsense, you won’t make quite as much bit I personally think it’s second best. Yahoo ads are horrible, I wouldn’t go there!

    I know that the appeal process can work and has for a friend, but it took over a year for the appeal to go through to where he could start using Adsense on his site again.

    One thing I would like to tell you, If you create another Adsense account in another name and put the ads back up, which is what my friend did, they eventually found his new account and shut it down. I guess it worked for a few months, but you take a serious risk doing it.

    The bottom line is - Adsense is a huge rip off when you don’t get the opportunity to defend yourself and Google keeps your check! Free advertising for them I guess!!

  15. Hey you all, I am soo glad I read this artical and all the blogs you’ve posted! I was just about to start it up and spend all that time making a new website and content. But now that I’ve heard what a rip-off it may or may not be I’m pulling the plug! Thank-you bloggers!

  16. oh yeah, I’m glad I only spent a dollar on the stupid kit!

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