The New American Gladiators - FAKE!

It’s pretty cool to see so many television shows and toys that I used to be into as a kid are becoming popular again. Transformers, Star Wars, Care Bares, and Popples to name a few, I’m still waiting for Saved by the Bell and Trapper Keepers to make a come back, but I figured if skinny jeans are in style once again anything can happen. Actually I’m pretty shocked that people aren’t using safety pins to turn their wide legged jeans into skinny jeans … the sweet memories of my childhood.

When I heard American Gladiators was coming back, I was pretty geeked about it, but after seeing this video, I’m pretty disappointed. See for yourself.

2 Responsesto “The New American Gladiators - FAKE!”

  1. You forgot Bionic Woman, Knight Rider


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