Check Out My ASCII Adwords

After the story broke about the German car rental company adding clever ASCII Art to their AdWords campaign, I decided to give it a try, and I’m guessing thousands of others tried it out today as well.

Here is what I came up with:


I’m no ASCII artist this was my first time actually creating an image with ASCII, but for those of you who dont see what I tried to create here, this is supposed to look like three houses.

The blog post I ran across earlier today mentioned a great CTR for ads using ASCII images, so far today my ads have been in place for approximately 12 hours and have had 699 impressions and only 3 clicks.  I’m sure I inspired most of the impressions by showing everyone around the office and sending messages to friends to check out my masterpiece.

I set the preferred position to 3-10  but I notice when there are no other ads for the terms my ASCII ad gets shown in the top position which causes it to look completely ridiculous displayed in a single line instead of stacked.

I have a feeling that my ads will soon be taken down after this blog post goes out, as there have been rumors that the German ASCII ads have been removed.   I’m sure in the near future Google will be on the look out for these types of ads and will disable them quickly.

3 Responsesto “Check Out My ASCII Adwords”

  1. I just checked: It’s there but in 1 line :P

  2. no not :P :(

  3. Yea - I tried to make sure that wouldn’t happen with the position preference. Maybe I should change the terms I’m bidding on to only include the most competitive so I absolutely won’t be placed in the top 2 slots. I haven’t done it yet because I am expecting them to be taken down soon.

    Thanks for reading!

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