Blackle – Save Energy or Your Eyesight

Heap Media’s Blackle, is a “Green” version of the popular search engine Google, except it’s not “Green” at all, it’s completely black.

The movement behind Blackle, the completely black search engine is pretty simple, and one many hippies and environmental wackos will appreciate. The black canvas requires less energy or wattage to display than bright white Google, thus saving energy. Blackle encourages using the search engine as well as bookmarking the page as your homepage to remind yourself of saving energy every time you use the internet and suggests promoting it to others with the following text and back link: “ - Saving energy one search at a time”.

Unfortunately modern LCD computer monitors don’t see much benefit from a black screen, while older CRT monitors may see wattage savings of 5% to 20%, you can read more about the benefits of Blackle examined in depth here. On the Blackle homepage you are reminded of the amount of energy in watts supposedly saved to date since its launch last March. While LCD monitors are used most often today, I cant help but question how accurate the proclamation of watts saved is, considering it’s impossible to know how many people are using LCD monitors compared to old CRT or dinosaur monitors.

While the thought of saving energy sure makes some people feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I find Blackle very hard to read and many others do as well. Looking at a black screen is not easy on the eyes at all. While the thought behind Blackle is one of promoting energy conservation, I can’t help but wonder if the very small amount of energy that is being saved is worth my eyesight.

What are your thoughts?

4 Responsesto “Blackle – Save Energy or Your Eyesight”

  1. i prefer my eyesight, especially since i wear glasses already.

  2. You can try Darkoogle is another black Google, but I find it easier to read cause the words a slightly brighter. Also is available in over 40 countries and they have the ’simiar page’ option in the result page like the normal white Google.

  3. I did prefer my eyesight to be honest, but i think we have to do our bit to the nature as well, dont we? Also, recently while surfing around i found blackle games; interesting concept: play games and save the world!! lol

  4. There are around 25 different versions of “black google” online. The best one I’ve found is Cleanblack is the only version that allows you to change the text colors of the google search results. Try it yourself by going to

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