Building Quality Links Shouldn’t Include Spamming the Blogosphere

Building Quality Links Shouldn’t Include Spamming the Blogosphere

Today I had somebody who knows very little about SEO and link building techniques forwarded me an email with a link to a SEO training video which is just one in a series. This particular video was a link building video from Michelle MacPhearson of I was pretty suspicious of the quality at the sight of the URL in the first place and of course I was completely shocked at the horrible advise Michelle MacPhearson gives to build backlinks.

The video suggest spamming social media sites and submitting the homepage of your site to Digg, Stumble Upon and a ton of other social media sites. This is the worst way to build backlinks I can think of! It’s no wonder there are so many junk sites ruining social media with advise like that.

When making submissions to social media sites you should be submitting interesting articles and posts, not your homepage. This is direct abuse social media!

Michelle’s next recommendation is to search for industry related blogs and forums and add comments while using keywords instead of your name when you post so it links back to you site. Michelle also recommends actually placing your keywords as anchor text within the comments and adding links that way. I about pulled my hair out when I heard this. It’s ok to do this when its relevant and you are naturally reading other blogs and making comments. I would never advise somebody to use their anchor text to replace their name when commenting. This is pure spam! Blog and Forum Spam in it’s finest! Not to mention most blogs and forums are now no-following most of the links. This is a huge wast of time!

All of Michelle MacPhearson’s recommendation for building backlins are horrible and I do not recommend anyone watch her videos, this advise gives SEO’s a real bad name.

I have tons of ideas and methods for building links naturally to your website, none of them include spamming the blogosphere or social media sites. Check back tomorrow for some good tips, but beware - it’s going to take longer than 30 minutes!

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  1. I actually agree with you on this one except in one thing. The name. When you are making a comment as a ’site’ or from a site it is common practice to use the ’site’ name or title.

    Not saying use a big pile of keywords either. Just that in many cases using the polite short title of the site is more correct in form than a name.

    On the other hand the whole ‘ links in comments ‘ thing is a pain in the butt and the plague of most blogs. 90% of them are spam 5% pointless 3% to loooonnnnnnnggggggg, rest are sigs or useful.


  2. I understand what you’re saying about spamming blogs with useless comments and using the name as the anchor tag, but I think the reason some people are doing it is because in some cases it does help build useful backlinks. You said that it’s a waste of time because most of these links are nofollow, but there is a growing movement among some bloggers to make their comments sections “Dofollow”. You’ll even find some small icon images by some comments sections that read “U Comment, I Follow”. This is all done in the spirit of building an active community while at the same time rewarding the participant. Sure, it can be abused, but that really just means that the person at the controls needs to spend more time policing what is happening on his/her site.

  3. I agree with you for the most part, but responding to articles in comments with your certain anchor text IS OK

    Especially on blog that offer do follow or top comment, its harmless and can definitely help you out

  4. Well, for the most part I agree with you. I actually saw that video, it’s pretty ridiculous. It’s more for newbies and folks wanting immediate results, as compared to long term link building, which in my opinion is better for your site and seo.

    The one thing you didnt mention was that some, not all, some blogs are doing this whole do follow thing which makes it useful to get back links. Also, the using a keyword in the name field is commonly considered okay as long as its not too spammy. If I used “Health News” instead of my name that is usually considered okay, but if I used “Health News Social Media Site for submitting health news info” that’s something else. That part really depends on the blog owner. I tend to let it slide as long as it’ s not too spammy.

    One benefit of commenting is branding. It can help build recognition in the blogosphere, or in a niche. It worked for me.

  5. Hi Matthew,

    I agree with you if the blog you are commenting in is related to your industry, if not you should use your a real name. Example: if somebody were to post a comment here on Sweet Rock Media and use the anchor text “Online Gambling” for their name, I would have to moderate that. :)

  6. Great advise. I have been suspicious of many tactics I have seen advocated by some SEO experts. Its good to see someone taking them to task.

  7. So genuine inward bound links shouldn’t be got by you, but by people who’ve found your site and think it’s useful? So you’ve got to build a site that people will enjoy using and find useful enough to send to other people. That sounds fair enough!

  8. Oh I can think of a lot worst ways to get links, lol.

  9. Great post! Ya, those ideas are awful. Next thing you know, she’ll be suggesting a person create sockpuppets to leave lots of “fake diggs” in support of their exciting homepage. Sigh!

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