Cheesy Sales Letters - I HATE Them!

Do those cheesy sales letters really work?

You know the ones I’m talking about, the sales letters that claim to have a magic pill, the answer to your financial problems or the best offer you’ve ever seen.

Here are a few examples: 

From what I’ve noticed the typical sales letters have huge block headlines that are extremely long and full of fluff or an unbelievably bold statement.

The page scrolls on forever and ever, the design work contains a few stock images of flashy cars, hot chics and some joker with loads of cash in his hand.

The body content contains no less than five testimonials from somebody identified by their first name last initial and the state they live in.  (I’m always left wondering if the people in the testimonials are real live people or are they fictitious, created by the brilliant mind that created this nasty looking sales letter.)

Throughout the long body text there are about five “Buy it Now” buttons ever so conveniently located for people who actually read the entire body copy.

The last few feet of the body copy is not one, not two, but five bonuses you get when you buy this crazily overpiced video, pill, audio cd or packet of really really great information that will change your life forever.

Come on, do these putrid sales letters that just scream SCAM SCAM SCAM really work???

Of course they do! What it has taken me so long to realize is they are not created or intended for savvy folks like us, we would never give some loser our credit card information if they presented a scammy sales letter to us! These sales letters pray on the DUMB.

These rancid sales letters are intended for those people that actually believe they can lose weight by taking one pill a day without controlling their diet or exercise.  These sales letters are intended for the broke folks who thinks there really is a Get Rich Quick program and are willing to spend every cent they own on a dream.  These cheesy sales letters are designed for the DUMB and the sad reality is there are a lot of dumb people in the world who dont realize the money they are paying for the products off most of these completely tasetless sales letters make the dude in his basement who is creating them RICH.

So now I ask you… who really is the DUMB one? The dude in his basement, the people buying the SCAM or people like us who have to ask “Do those CHEESY sales letters really work?

One Responseto “Cheesy Sales Letters - I HATE Them!”

  1. I know someone who became a millionaire off those salesletter sites! It’s crazy, but it worked.

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