StumbleUpon Haters are CREEPY!

Lately I’ve really had to work hard to toughen up due to the hatred I have encountered from comments some visitors will leave for me on my blog. Honestly I don’t take criticism very well and like most women I can be a bit emotional at times. I always wondered what these haters looked like until I recently viewed some of the comments StumbleUpon users have been leaving about a recent article on my site and I made a FRIGHTENING discovery! All the MEAN people who left nasty comments about my writing are VERY VERY CREEPY! They are all guys that seem to be filled with a lot of anger. Check them out:


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8 Responsesto “StumbleUpon Haters are CREEPY!”

  1. creepy creepers?

  2. Yeh man, sometimes you just have to chill out. It’s all fun.

  3. Fuckin weirdos =x

  4. ROTFL! Wow! Would you mind if I linked to this on my blog sometime?

  5. Please do - get the word out!

    Maybe they will stop coming around, freaking haters!

  6. Hi there fucker!

    The reason that we treat scumbag spammers like yourself with such contempt and disrespect is simple:


    Of course we hate you.

    SU is a way of submitting and receiving content based on quality.

    Your entire business idea is to put out as much shit as possible, get it into SU, digg, sphinn etc, and watch yor $0.0049 per click come.

    You’re disgusting.

    SEO is not a profession, you’re vermin.

    Fuck off!


  7. Wow there big guy! Calm yourself down.

    I have been a SEO specialist before StumbleUpon, Digg or any of these types of social media websites even existed so no I don’t rely on social media to rank my clients websites for search terms in major search engines.

    I think you have a serious misconception about what SEO is and what a SEO expert like myself does and why we are in such high demand and we make A LOT OF MONEY!

    This blog only has one block of Adsense on it, because I had a blank spot on the homepage that I didn’t have anything to fill there, I don’t expect any visitors on my blog to click on the ads because I attract tech savvy visitors who usually don’t click on the ads. The purpose of this blog is to weigh in on topics in the internet marketing industry and stir conversations with other like minded folks.

    You will find that most of the posts within this blog have never been submitted to StumbleUpon or Digg or any other social media website. If the post has good content and will draw conversations from others then it usually gets submitted by one of my visitors or on occasion myself.

    Frankly I think you are a sad person and quite rude. I don’t think most StumbleUpon users want horrible people like you using the system rather than a rational person like myself.

    Again Folks - Another Creepy StumbleUpon User!!! I was going to submit him to but somebody else already did. I’m not the only one who thinks ThungurKnifur is a total creep!!!

  8. Ohhhh my God. I know how you feel.

    I joined stumbleupon a while back and recently, a few creepy-ass guys have been messaging me. At first it was a guy who added me to his friends list- along with hundreds of other girls. And then, a guy who sent me a “hi”, which wasn’t so bad, I still ignored it.

    AND THEN. Some guy asks me if I’ll wear the same dress as my profile picture on ‘our first date’.

    I wanted to say something evil and rude back, but forced myself not to respond.

    STUMBLEUPON is FILLED with creepers, man.

    Uuughh.. you poor girl. I really hope things get better- what jerks. If it’s THAT insulting to them they should just stumble to another page. It’s not like life revolves around-

    Oh wait. To them, it may.

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