Cyber Smog - Ugly Websites Polluting the Internet

Cyber Smog - Ugly Websites Polluting the Internet

As an SEO consultant my clients don’t pay me to give them recommendations on the look of their sites, they pay me to make them rank in major search engines for selected search terms. When really hideous sites come along and fortunately become clients sometimes I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut on the topic.

Aside from coming out and bluntly saying, “This website is horrid!” I will usually stumble onto the topic with something simple and respectful like, “SEO will increase the number of visitors on your site, you may want to take into consideration the user experience and possibly upgrade the design of the site.” or “Updating your website and making it more modern may help to increase conversions by giving it a more official and authoritative look.”

Unfortunately for cyberspace most clients don’t take my advise or put off a quality redesign adding to what I refer to as “Cyber Smog” or “Pollution of the Internet”. Oddly enough, the paycheck at the end of the day does make me feel a little better :)

Recently a Google Designer actually stepped forward saying that the Google Logo is ugly and looks childish. See the whole story here:

I guess if Google doesn’t care about the “Cyber Smog” they create, why should anybody else?? (Unless you actually care about the image of your business, capturing the most conversions possible and your not the largest search engine on the planet!)

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  1. LOL. “Cyber smog” is a GREAT term for it. I’ll have to remember that! :)

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