Freelance SEO Needs Your Help!

In November 2007 when I decided to launch Sweet Rock Media and this website I thought long and hard about how much time I would have to put into maintaining and updating the content of the website.  Of course I though I would have time to post the latest search engine marketing news at least once a day.

It’s been just three months and I am realizing how I have failed miserably at writing at least once a day.  It’s not that there hasn’t been any good news in the search engine marketing industry, because there has been a ton of interesting things happening.  Microsoft offers to purchase Yahoo, Google’s offer to help Yahoo, Yahoo turns down Microsoft’s offer of $46 billion and that’s just one current event happening in in search over the past week or so.  There are literally at least a dozen other happenings in this industry I have not added to the site.

I honestly have gotten to the point where I am seriously working too much. And I seriously need to make Sweet Rock Media my career.

By making Sweet Rock Media my career, I need to ditch my full time in house SEO gig and bulk up on my own client base to the point where I can support myself soley from this website.

This Freelance SEO needs your help!

I need clients!  Any referrals are greatly appreciated!


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