Google 2008

Today a new year’s wish list of sorts was posted on the Google Operating Systems blog. You can find the full post here.

Here are a few items off the list:

  • Google should finally go beyond indexing text and start to use image analysis and speech recognition in Google Image Search and Google Video.
  • Google Gears will also work on mobile phones and could become a part of Firefox.
  • Google Maps will become more personal including more space for user-generated content. We’ll start to see user’s locations, important events from our area, recommendations from friends.
  • Google will launch a people search engine that gathers data from the web, especially from social networks.
  • Outlook and most mobile phones will be able to synchronize with Google Calendar and Gmail’s contacts.
  • Picasa and will increase the free storage
  • GDrive will finally launch

2008 is definitely going to be a great year if some of these things become reality.

2 Responsesto “Google 2008”

  1. What is gDrive? It sounds interesting…

  2. gDrive a service coming soon from Google that gives users an online storage system with unlimited space. You can learn more here:

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