Google Knols Get No Traffic

Google Knols Get No Traffic

When Google Knol was announced, I was pretty excited to author a few Knols and give it a try.  I wrote a couple about spyware and  antivirus, pretty basic stuff really.  At the time I wrote the Knols there was nothing on either topic really so I was pretty happy to be one of the first to get in there.

I know when Google announced Knol, people were not very happy and suggesting that Google would most likely add the Knol pages into the search indexes and outrank all other sites in no time.  I’m here to say as of six months after writing my knols, they get zero traffic and are not ranked in the search engines anywhere.   Of all the searches I do on a daily basis, I have never seen even one Knol page as a returned result.  I have to admit, I’m pretty sad about that.

I was hoping the pges would index and become almost like Wikipedia, dominating almost every search you could think of, because finally I was not on the tail end of the launch, but I was one of the first. I’m not sure if Google is holding back because they dont want the negative feedback when the Knol pages start dominating so they are holding off indexing the pages or what, but it’s time to see some Knols in the SERPS.

Google Knol is a million times easier to use than Wikipedia, you dont have to learn some crazy coding syntax to use the freaking thing, pretty much anyone, even I can author articles on Knol.

Hey Google!  Start indexing you Knol pages!

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