Google Website Optimizer - All Internet Marketers Should Be Using It

Have you used the Google Website Optimizer yet?  I played with it a little when it first came out but never really used it until I sat in on a teleseminar that explained how to use the tool.  It was really informational and something I recommend all internet marketers to take advantage of using.

Using the Website Optimizer was surprisingly very simple.  Within my campaign I set up one page with a combination of 4 different elements, testing which combination of elements gave me the best results.  As long as you know a little about HTML the set up was very simple and only took about 10 minutes.  I think it took longer to put together the different elements I would be testing than it did to set the Optimizer in place.

I actually got to put the Website Optimizer to work a few weeks ago.  The Optimizer pretty much confirmed what most marketers would already know:

  1. Web visitors are more likely to fill out a form requesting more information about a product than to click on a “Buy Now” button for a big ticket item.

  2. Longer titles filled with bold statements and spicy language works much better on those cheesy sales letters than a short straight to the point title.

If you haven’t put Google’s Website Optimizer to use yet, I highly recommend you test it out. Using this awesome tool you will learn a lot about what elements work best on your site for your visitors and you’ll see how simple it is to use. 

All internet marketers should be using the Website Optimizer in their everyday work.

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