Googleganger - What the Heck is That?

Linguists of the American Dialect Society voted “Subprime” as the word of 2007, beating out other popular terms last year including Facebook, water-boarding and Googleganger.  Googleganger did however win an award as the “Most Creative Word of 2007″.

Googlegangler? What the heck is that?

Have you ever search for your name in Google to find another person with the same exact name and your personal information is intermixed with information on this other person of the same name? If you have, you’ve experienced Googleganger.

Taken from The term Googleganger is a play on the German word doppelganger, literally “double-goer,” suggesting a physical twin or an eerie similarity in appearance or identity. A Googleganger may share the same name as the searcher, but thankfully not the same lifestyle. Part of the fun of researching a Googleganger is discovering how different two or more people with identical names can be. A Googleganger may be significantly older or younger than the searcher, for example.

Among other words cited by the linguists of the American Dialect Society, my favorite is “Wrap rage” - the anger brought on by the inability to open a factory-sealed package :)

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  1. Thanks for the definition. I just heard that on tv and then, coincidentally, stumbled upon your site.

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