Social Media Just Got Healthy?

Social Media Just Got Healthy?

Where do you go for the latest health news?

How about a Digg like social media site for health and fitness news?

Today announced, a social media outlet specifically for health and fitness news.

The website works very similarly to Digg and other social media websites where users cast votes for the articles and stories that interest them the most. Articles that are most popular get higher rankings.

healthranker.gif is filling a gap in health news on the internet. Until now the most common sites used for researching health related topics were static websites such as WebMD which hosts articles sometimes years old. delivers the most up to date information and health news as stories and articles are hours old. is sure to be a hot spot on the internet for health and nutrition buffs as well as a destination for the occasional visitor who searches for up to date information on health and fitness related news.

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  1. This definitely sounds like an interesting site to visit!

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