Internet Marketing Requires Creativity

I am a reader of most search engine optimization and internet marketing blogs and newsletters. I use my Google Reader on a regular basis so I can keep up to date with the latest information flying around the industry and I especially like to read articles from some of my favorite bloggers. It’s pretty frustrating when you see a fellow internet marketer post an article on something that makes complete sense but they either beat me to the punch by writing about topics first or they are able to come up with pretty interesting articles on creative topics that I hadn’t previously though about. When that happens it’s cool to mention the topic in my writing and weight in with my personal opinion or branch off to another similar topic, but as ethical internet marketers we should all give credit where credit is due which is a mention of the original article and a link of course.

Internet marketing requires creativity and I have to say Aaron Wall is one of the most creative internet marketer’s blogging today; I really enjoy reading his posts. Last week Aaron posted a creative piece on his blog, The Next US President is a Bad Marketer. The article was pretty creative, weighing in on how most of the candidates in the upcoming 2008 primary presidential elections are not utilizing paid search and what horrible internet marketing campaigns they are employing. That’s a pretty creative way to take current events and place an internet marketer’s spin on the topic. Personally before reading his post I only thought of the upcoming presidential candidates and their marketing efforts when watching TV and thinking about how much I wish the elections were over so I don’t have to see the ads anymore. I hadn’t thought of the internet marketing industry and the presidential candidates until that point.

Of course when I read Herndon Hasty’s article on Search Engine Watch, SEO for President, I immediately thought of Aaron’s post from nearly a week earlier. Hasty just took another look at the presidential candidate’s internet marketing efforts from a SEO point of view, instead of a paid search point of view.

Why cant ethical internet marketers give credit where credit is due? Thought I realize the topics are not exact, to me they are pretty similar and Aaron was the first to creatively look at the topic from an internet marketing point of view.

Actually Aaron answered my question himself in his blog post today:

2008 will probably be a nasty year for online content quality, as the true flaws of PageRank and the selfish nature of bloggers with new found power shine brighter than ever, feeding off one another. Blogs that once acted as hubs spotting good ideas and sending visitors to them will now take your best ideas, reformat them, add a bit of original content, drop the attribution, and get the pageviews they need to get paid. Where they once linked at your new content look for them to link back to their recent greatest hits from 2 days ago. Every post builds off the last. Every blogger for themself. :)

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  1. I think that sometimes people will look at the same event and come to similar conclusions. Or they’ll take the same joke or basic story and build a similar story around it. Think about how many comedies are built around the “Fish Out of Water” format.

    Here’s another example. Take a look at my semi-satirical how-to article series that takes a look at building social blogging fame. I didn’t get the idea for content ‘borrowing’ from your article. In fact, I probably wrote it about the same time your article but I didn’t publish it until today. They both talk about the same thing but in different ways.

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