Visiting the Slums of the Internet

Visiting the Slums of the Internet

One of the most interesting projects I’ve worked on as a SEO was actually searching for blatantly obvious unethical search engine optimization techniques and SPAM on sites.

I worked on this particular project while working at Fathom SEO; the examples were going into a power point presentation to show at a SEO conference of what not to do when optimizing your website or something along those lines. I never realized how hard it was to find sites using spam techniques like white text on white background, spam in alt text or spam in div tags because it’s been a pretty well known fact these techniques will clearly get you banned from major search engines. Typically we run and hide from sites that do this type of stuff let alone grab the URL and dig around in the source code.

Seeking sites using spam techniques like doorway pages and hidden text was like searching for the ghetto of the internet and taking a stroll downtown. I couldn’t help but feel completely venerable while pills, porn and poker popped up constantly, somehow unable to be blocked by Explorer and the Google toolbar.

Since that project I have a hard time just ignoring good example of spam. Here are a few sites that I’ve run across lately that I took note of, enjoy!






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