iPhone – Why I’m Not in Line

iPhone – Why I’m Not in Line

I’ll be the first to admit the iPhone is pretty damn cool. Internet, iPod, phone, GPS all that awesome geek stuff I would love to own in that cute little package. But I’m not rushing to the store this week to get in line for the latest iPhone.

I seriously can’t bring myself to make the purchase without a warranty. Any other phone I purchase from AT&T I have the option of a warranty plan, which I have had used many times in the past.

I have a warranty on my Blackjack, whatever phone I had before that had a warranty. It’s some silly sense of security I really need when dropping $300 on a phone.

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  1. You’re back!! Hurray! :-)

    I agree. The lack of a warranty is really scary. And now I’ve been hearing a lot about the iPhones crashing and locking up since the last update?

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