5 Quality & Ethical Link Building Strategies

5 Quality & Ethical Link Building Strategies

Quality and ethical link building strategies should be a part of every search engine optimization campaign, especially for new websites.  Being active in blogs and forums definably helps to obtain backlinks quickly, but it should be done in a natural fashion in a way that contributes to the community.  If you are not an active blog reader or if you don’t partake in forum discussions you may want to try a few different techniques.

Here are a few really great ways to build quality backlinks to your website that are natural and not forced or unethical in any way.

  1. Writing Articles
    Writing articles that describe your products or services. Articles can cover many different topics that relate to your business including launching a new product, how the current market conditions are affecting the state of your industry, seasonal changes within your business, announcing new promotions and sales. You know your services the best, crafting a 1 page article should be no sweat be sure to include the URL back to your website with your target keywords as your anchor text. Take advantage of the “Author” section when submitting articles, include your URL in that area as well.The next step is distribution of your article. I typically submit articles to Ezine Articles, Search Warp, Electric Articles and other free article submission sites. You can expect to pay a fee for submitting articles that contain backlinks, but it’s totally worth it.
  2. Writing Press Releases
    I recommend to all of my clients crafting press releases and distributing them through PR Web and other press release distribution services. Paying the fees to include backlinks is very important, just like for article submissions, be sure that you use your targeted keywords as your backlink if possible.
  3. Crafting & Sending Testimonials
    There are products and services your business uses everyday and you never realize what a powerful impact they have on the success of your company. An example may be the accounting software you use, the payroll company you use, the author of the last eBook you purchased, your web developer, your landscaping company and the list goes on. Take some time to think about what products and services you use regularly and sit down to craft a few email testimonials. Remember to include your URL when signing the letter. You never know how many of these will actually end up on another website.
  4. Local Directory Submissions
    Submitting your website to Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages and other local directories are great sources for backlinks all companies can take advantage of. To find local directories servicing your area you can search Google for, “Your State + Directory” and “Your City + Directory”.
  5. SEO Friendly Directory Submissions
    It’s always best to find directories to submit your website to that are SEO friendly and that relate to your industry. I recommend finding industry related websites by searching Google by “Industry + Directory”, “Industry
    + Add URL”, “Industry + Submit Site” and other variations similar to this. I typically only submit to directories that have a Google Page Rank on the main page of the directory and they don’t look spammy with hidden text or the same site listed over and over again or other questionable tactics.Though they are not very authoritative backlinks, general business directories are a easy ethical way to generate backlinks to any site quickly. General business directories can be found at www.DirectoryCritic.com thousands of them! Be careful they are not all search engine friendly, so make sure you check them out before submitting and make sure you submit to the category that your business best fits into.Whenever possible, use your targeted keywords as anchor text when submitting to directories, not all directories will allow this, but most of them will.

These are just 5 ways to building your sites link popularity through ethical practices. Check back for more later.

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