Never Stumbling Your Own Posts Is like Saying You’ve Never Jacked Off

All week I’ve been receiving a large amount of negative comments on my blog because I openly admitted that I Stumble my posts after I create them. I personally have not met a blogger that didn’t do the same exact thing.

I have been called a jerk, a muppet, I’ve been accused of cheating, spamming and writing content that is self promotional garbage.

Original article here: Quit Complaining! StumbleUpon is the Bomb

Many of these people who commented negatively about my confession call this “Spamming Stumble Upon”. Really? One stumble is spamming? If I had all my friends stumble my post just for the sake of getting traffic, I would call that spamming, but that’s not the case, I just Stumbled my writing and let the public decide if it was worthy or not.

Why do I Stumble my own posts? I don’t write content that I think others will find boring, or self promotional garbage. I write articles that I think others will enjoy and I use social media sites to let people know about my great articles. Isn’t that exactly what these social media sites are for?

I’ve submitted my own writings to many social media websites including Digg, Sphinn, BloggingZoom and many others aside from Stumble Upon. Have you? Be honest, it’s completely anonymous!

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16 Responsesto “Never Stumbling Your Own Posts Is like Saying You’ve Never Jacked Off”

  1. What you are doing is not right.

  2. I stumble some of my own posts, not every one though. :)

  3. And no I don’t jack off! Never have, never will. Yuck.

  4. So far I haven’t stumbled my own posts on my blog. However I also just started up my blog.

  5. Like Matthew said, I stumble some of my own content, but not all. Theres no use in stumbling something that I don’t think is eyecatching enough for “the stumbling crowd”. So I dont.

  6. I haven’t had a post that I have wanted to put out on stumble, but it’s much the same as digg. If you think it’s worth a lot of people looking at it, why not? If you think it could be a hit with people, I don’t see why you shouldn’t. If it’s not worth it it will be thumbed down, and that’s the end of that. Everyone wins either way.

  7. Good point Ash.

  8. Oddly enough, no stumbleupon installed yet!

  9. While I’m the first to admit that some (most?) of what I write is banal and not worth the time to read… generally if I think it’s worth sharing, I’d do just that! Stumble is a place to find and share interesting sites with like minded people… it seems to ME like the complainers are just people with nothing worthwhile to say who’d rather spend time being petty about someone else, because it’s all they’re really capable of: trying to tear down rather than create.

    How stumbling your own work out of a sincere desire to share (versus hiring some outsourcing farm in a 3rd world country to do 1,000 stumbles an hour) is worse than stumbling… ytmnd or anything else everyone’s already seen… I just don’t get it.

  10. I also stumble some of my posts. Just the gems, maybe 20% over all. But I hope its all interesting stuff.

  11. I Stumble my own posts. No one would find my website if I didn’t. It seems like an easy enough way to attract visitors to your page. If people don’t like it, thumb it down, right?

  12. I stumble almost all of my posts because they are all quality posts i put time and effort into. I found this site through stumble actually :)

  13. I don’t see any problem with it either. If stumblers don’t like it, then thumb down. Although, I have never thumb down anything yet, just hit the stumble button again real fast.

  14. I hope it’s not too late for me to comment on this but seriously, what’s so wrong about stumbling your own entries? Come on whining bitches, don’t you think it’s a waste if you’re confident that your post is gonna be damn good and yet nobody notices it?

    Sorry bitches but I absolutely find it OK to stumble ya own post! Btw. I stumbled upon this entry and you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna mark it as a favorite so that more people can come over.


  15. Guess it comes down to the color of your hat. :)

    and ummmm……

    Serious here folks if you wear a hat, its ALWAYS black on the inside.

  16. I’ve never heard so many whinny babies in my life! I’m gonna thumbs up this site and some of my sites, all while I’m jacking off!

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