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Have you ever noticed the sitelinks that Google automatically places below the search results for some websites? Here is an example; notice 2 columns of 8 links below the listing that go to internal pages of the website? Those are sitelinks which Google sometimes displays below search results for certain websites.


Has your client every noticed these links and asked to modify them or remove them?

Great news, Google has recently given webmasters the ability to remove or block certain pages from showing up as sitelinks in the SERP’s (search engine result pages).

To block pages from being displayed as sitelinks, access your Webmaster Tools dashboard and click the site you want. In the left menu click Links, then click Sitelinks.

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  1. It’s a great day for a Search Engine Marketer when you see your site listed in Google SERPs with Sitelinks! I wrote about my experience back in June of 2007 for my Quotes From The Office website. Read Post

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