Questions SEO’s Can’t Answer

Over the past few years I have been taking note of the questions my clients ask me that I honestly can not answer. I don’t think anybody can answer these questions with a 100% assurance of accuracy. Here are the top 5 questions that I am asked pretty regularly and have no answer for.

  1. Why does that site rank higher than mine? I have so many more links, this site was created in the last 2 months, it looks horrible and it’s using FrontPage!
    My Response: I don’t know why other sites rank higher than yours; I don’t have access to their internet marketing and SEO campaigns.
  1. When will I rank for this term?
    My Response: I usually expect to see rankings in 3 months but I don’t have a magic ball to see the future.
  1. When will my site be accepted into DMOZ? I submitted over 2 years ago!
    My Response: What is DMOZ?

Just Kidding, but it’s something similar to that.

  1. Why is Google only reporting I have this many links to my site? I know I have way more than that!
    My Response: Google under reports the amount of incoming links to sites purposely because if they gave away all the information they had on every single site including the incoming links it would make it easier for hackers to figure out the algorithms it uses when delivering search results.

This is what I was trained to tell my clients when working for Fathom SEO, I have no idea if this is correct, but from what I read, it seems right so I go with it. I realize we can now see a more accurate number of links in the Webmaster Tools, but it still won’t show every single link.

  1. How do I get my site to rank on
    My Response: My number one concern is optimizing your site for Google as it has over 50% of the market share for search. I don’t worry too much about I honestly have no freaking clue how to optimize for ASK. I have clients where their sites rank all over Google, MSN and Yahoo and have nothing on ASK. I have other clients that rank really well on ASK and all the other search engines. It’s a complete mystery to me, and because I don’t have a site I can dedicate to figuring out the mystery, I may never unravel the secrets to ASK.

If you have had to field questions that you honestly don’t know how to answer, post them here. I would love to hear your feedback and grow this list into a top 10 or 20.

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  1. Strange. “Sweet Rock Media” shows up as the first query for Google, and on Ask and Yahoo it’s not even on the first page.

    If any other search engines want to take over the dominant position in search engine market share (unlikely) a good place to start would be good algorithms.

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