SEO Strategies - Going Back to Basics

Today I finally achieved a top ten ranking for a term I have been chasing for over two months. After trying multiple different SEO strategies, the answer was simple; I went back to my SEO basics.

For me the SEO basics are, placing that term first in my title tag as well as my META description, I added the term into the text in 4 different spots and used it as anchor text once on the page which linked to another page that focuses on the same term. I submitted the site to a few link directories with the term as anchor text and sat on it for three weeks. Today I find my site ranking seventh for the term, I was so excited, yes even somebody who’s been doing this for as long as I have (over 6 years now) I still get excited when I achieve my goals, that’s why being a search engine marketer is the best career in the world!

Initially I think my attempts to rank for the term were hindered by a SEO strategy that included plastering the term everywhere across my site. Sure it looked spammy and didn’t read well but I was feeling desperate and really wanted that term to rank. I was just so impatient that I tried to rush the process in turn over optimized my site.

Every once in a while as a search engine marketer I start to question my SEO strategies when I just cant seem to rank for a term I’m targeting. Especially when I’m constantly making modifications to the pages and rankings are going down instead of up. That’s when I have to go back to my SEO basics, take a breather and be patient. The rankings always happen, just not right away, but they always come with time.

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