SEO’s Not Dead, Its Growing

A few months ago, my former boss made the comment to me, being his in house SEO & PPC specialist, that SEO is dead, and well, it pist me off.

As a professional specializing in SEO and creating a career centered on my expertise in the field, I found the blunt statement “SEO is dead” to be a slap in the face and if my boss felt that way my talents were surly being wasted. I was annoyed with the lackluster enthusiasm for organic SEO with very basic services involving nothing more than one modification to META sets on client’s websites. To everyone’s surprise I no longer work for that employer and often times wonder what he needed an in house SEO specialist for if he felt SEO was dead.

I’ve been reading articles where well known people in the industry write that SEO is dead, after reading this type of stuff for over a year now, its pretty evident that SEO is not dead, but evolving to include so much more than it did six years ago. Six years ago I never wrote press releases; worked on promoting video or rich media for clients and link building consisted of a reciprocal linking page, what the hell was link bait? Today not only do I modify Meta sets, insert targeted keywords into page text and add anchor text but I do so much more in-depth work with clients to ensure successful internet marketing and now mobile marketing campaigns.

Lets face it, the industry will forever be called SEO or search engine optimization while the tasks that are involved in the process will expand as the art of achieving organic rankings becomes increasingly difficult. Until the number one term people search for when looking to optimize their websites for search is no longer SEO or search engine optimization, I will continue to optimize my website for those terms, no matter how much this industry changes. The obvious but sad truth is, so will those professionals in this industry who claim that “SEO is dead”.

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