Attack of SPAM FU!

I consider myself a pretty white hat SEO. I always following the guidelines and adhering to the terms and conditions of search engines and other sites I use, but this week my employer had me implementing what I call Spam Fu on the companies websites.

The additions and changes to the sites did not go against any guidelines, but I really had to question what I was doing. I guess if my employer is not concerned with how his loyal visitor base would feel about the tactics he chooses to deploy on his websites, then I should not be concerned either… I guess.

This week I had the disgusting task of adding two large rectangle AdSense blocks above the body content on every interior page of my employer’s website. By doing this the actual text on the page was pushed well below the fold in an attempt to secure more passive income from the site. This change took effect across a robust website which contains approximately 5,000 pages. I admit it works well for bringing in cash from Adsense, but at what cost? To users who realize the ads are just that, ads, I don’t think they will find the site very valuable at all. I expect the bounce rate to skyrocket and user retention to be very low.

Personally I feel it is much more important to establish your website as an authority in the industry and be sensible with the ads, as the site should cater to your users if you expect them to find your site of any value and return in the future.

My second Spam Fu task was to promote a product on the homepage of the site, by adding a video of the site’s founder discussing the product he’s pushing and why everyone should drop what they are doing and “BUY IT NOW”. I added this somewhat annoying video to the homepage, above all body content and header/logo, pushing the actual header of the homepage to be just above the fold. YUK!

Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do – even if it is Spam Fu!

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  1. Like you said, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. This is frustrating as I have had clients who have opted for decisions that were essentially moot points as well.

    Can anyone say “keyword obsession” despite the low traffic volume. Some search terms are like vanity plates, even though the traffic is obsolete, they still want them. I feel your pain, so hopefully they learn from your wisdom after the stats don’t tell lies in a month. You may as well make them a banner stating “Super-ball Style” bounce rates anticipated.

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