Quit Complaining! StumbleUpon is the Bomb

In the past week I have read two blog posts complaining about StumbleUpon. Though these bloggers clearly state that they get increased traffic from Stumble but they are complaining because nobody is clicking on their affiliate or AdSense ads. This is absolutely crazy to me.

Sweet Rock Media is a new website, I try to blog everyday about recent topics in the SEO world and report on the latest internet marketing news, but since the site is new I obviously don’t have much readership yet and to be honest any traffic is welcomed. StumbleUpon has been the number one source of traffic to this site since it launch a month ago. Every article I write I immediately stumble and the traffic soon follows, its like magic and I’m not about to complain about it. The traffic I get from StumbleUpon helps me brand Sweet Rock Media, develop loyal visitors who return on a regular basis, create opportunities for back links and many other great ways to promote the site.

Maybe what these bloggers who are complaining about StumbleUpon don’t realize is the type of visitors they get from Stumble are pretty savvy and are not easily taken by cheesy affiliate offers and rarely click on ads of any type. Maybe these bloggers dont know that the best way to promote affiliate promotions is to blog about the products and how awesome they are to entice sales instead of placing annoying flashy ads all over their sites.

StumbleUpon is a great source of traffic and I personally think it’s the bomb. To all those haters out there, quit bitching!

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27 Responsesto “Quit Complaining! StumbleUpon is the Bomb”

  1. Hey yes. stumbleupon is a bomb really. great thoughts expressed. noce article. bloggers should instead look to it that they make their site more and more useful :)

  2. I hate it. StumbleUpon. I have wasted my whole life stumbling on pages. And this is just one of them.

  3. I’m also a Stumbleupon fan, after every new website/blog post I make first thing I do is stumble it. Very good way to get some traffic quick and easy.

  4. Just curious, have you done any stats on how many of your stumbleupon visitors return to the site later?

    Cookie them, for example, and see what percentage of your visitors have the cookie. It would be interesting to know how well it converts into repeat traffic. I got here via StumbleUpon myself, and I do return to some sites I stumble, but probably only one of 20 or something, since there’ll always be a lot of sites you just don’t like or care enough about to bother bookmarking or look up again on stumbleupon.

  5. SU is the best.

    But just a quick question: Could you add those two blogs that were complaining about US?

  6. If people are using stumble upon just to drive traffic to their site then they are right, it’s not going to be effective. If people are using it to find interesting sites that they probably would never find, then they are on the right track. I’ve seen hundreds of blog posts about how to get traffic to your blog and they all say pretty much the same thing. Talk about what you know and post often. (yeah i know, total nutshell) Post on other blogs that have similar interests to your blog. I don’t have a blog, but I always post my website address in all the comments i make on websites and it does drive traffic to my site. What happens after that is up to the visitor. If they see something they like they may click or they may just move on.
    Keep it real.

  7. I agree with what you’re saying about those bloggers who are complaining about not generating any revenue off Stumble visits. You’re right on when you say those who are stumbling are more savvy then other users and I rarely if ever click on ads (most of the time it’s an accident).

    As far as StumbleUpon being a great source for traffic, I agree & disagree. Though it does boost your visits, for the most part, that’s all it does. You end up with bloated stats and most of those hits aren’t quality leads/readers and they just hit Stumble! again without really giving you a read.

    Overall, Stumble is a great tool, hell - I found this posting via Stumble!

  8. i stumbled here, so i would agree with this. but it is a COLOSSAL waste of time.

  9. I like stumble upon, but I don’t consider it to be honest to stumble your own site. If you, say, create/update a website for a non-profit or something similar, I’m fine with it, otherwise, let someone find your page, and if it is worth while they will stumble it. Just stumbling your own pages is not what Stumble upon is about. Stumble upon is about finding new websites that people like you liked, not just some random person who claims to like the same things but only posts to get traffic. For example, this page is stumbled under Internet tools, but it really isn’t a site I like or introduces something new. I will admit that the article is good, but I already knew all of that and didn’t need to see it.

  10. I am a Stumble Upon addict!!!!!! I love it bottom line……….

  11. I share your views completely.

    Bloggers complaining about it is just crazy. I mean look, you either get X people coming to your site without SU, or X+350 with each stumble. Maybe noone will click the site, but that’s still 350+. What that means is that you can go to products personally and sey, hey, my blog gets 20.000 hits a day, you can place an ad for $300 a month.

    Users complaining is again stupid. If you feel it’s a waste of time, then don’t use it.

  12. Hi Marco,

    This is the blog from last week that inspired my post - I actually commented:


  13. I agree that StumbleUpon rocks. Its refreshing to see how other people think and what they feel fit to share. Most of it is great and I’m happy to click past what I don’t want to get to the stuff I do!

    I’m happy to have the traffic but I use it as much as I link with it.

  14. Honestly, who clicks on ads anymore?

  15. Nothing but the truth, my friend. Very well-put. I applaud you for your outspokenness.

    Hope your website becomes a hit!

    -Dan ‘apsyd’

  16. Perhaps it is just that most StumbleUpon users use ad blocking addons also. I know I do.

  17. You do realize that what you’re doing is spamming Stumble, right?


  18. I like quality traffic from stumble even tho i have no account made.

  19. So many haters! Jerk - man thats harsh!

    No I don’t see stumbling my blog posts as stumble spam - so no not right. If I got all my friends to stumble that would be spam but I honestly don’t think one single stumble to get my post out to the public as spam, maybe you do but I don’t. If others find my site interesting then they will stumble on their own. I did not force you to come here and read this, you did it on your own.

    Thanks for stopping by Codespace, your a real nice person - I can tell.

  20. Wrong. You are misusing a recommendations system for self-promotion. This means you are spamming. I wouldn’t have come here if you hadn’t cheated.

  21. Agreed. I love StumbleUpon, and it’s how I found this site. I read a few more articles and hey what do you know you’re bookmarked. If you hadn’t stumbled this, most likely no one would have ever found it.

  22. Trust me, we visit these sorts of sites once, realise it’s just some muppet writing some self promotional garbage and give it the thumbs down.

    I really wish SU would introduce a peer review system, so stuff like this (and all the other “Top 10 lists you’ve already seen 50 times - look how original my content is”) doesn’t actually make it into the SU DB.


  23. I stumble all the time and if i took the the time to install SU i sure as hell took the time to install AD Block in mozilla

  24. I believe your right. Stumbleupon users are less likely to click adds due to their nature. I also agree with zach, stumble upon users also use AdBlock+ . I dont click on adds? What Ads?

  25. Hi! I was curious what was sending traffic my way. Nice site also!

    I agree with your article.

    My point in my post is that for a niche site running adsense, using SU might not be the best way to promote it. The reason is exactly as you described, SU users are a tech smart bunch!

    While I use SU heavily and enjoy it, I have learned that if I am promoting a niche site running adsense, I have two options. Leave adsense off of it until after the SU traffic dies down, or not use SU.

    I didn’t want people thinking I was crying over it, just pointing out a problem I encountered to other new niche bloggers.

    Good luck with your site, and I plan on stopping by again and keeping up with it. Nice design!


  26. Stumbled this. Very refreshing to see it pull up an actual blog, not a frigging blog-help site. getting sick of those. I want to READ blogs, not make one. but that’s another issue. I’m glad you stumble your own stuff. That’s why there’s a thumbs-down button, right? If you don’t like it, say so. I’d stumble my blog if I had one. I’d hope my friends would do it as well, but I wouldn’t make them thumb it up if they don’t really like it. I wouldn’t stumble my own lame-o post, but if I had some genius, damn right I would, and will for others. This gets a thumb. Hopefully your other posts will get more.

  27. maybe you should consider stumbling some other blogs as often as well and not only yours.. since it’s clearly stated in SU’s FAQ that promoting your own site regularly is consider spamming and your account may be banned if there’s complain.. overall yes I do agree that it does brings traffics but better be careful.. what worst your site may get blocked and that’s the worst night mare ever…

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