When Life Happens My Blogging Suffers

When Life Happens My Blogging Suffers

I’ve been neglecting the commitment I made to myself in November when I decided to create Sweet Rock Media. I have been reading the latest internet marketing news and happenings in the industry, but I haven’t been reporting on any of them. For me the past three to four weeks it seems my life has been placed on hold.

I’ll be completely honest, a year ago when I heard that a friend’s wife had breast cancer, I wasn’t worried. She is a young girl and they found the cancer early, she is so full of life there is no way cancer would claim her life. My grandmother is in her seventies and battled cancer in the 1980’s and lives today, my friends wife should have nothing to worry about. Sadly I was so wrong.

I feel guilt that I wasn’t concerned a year ago. I feel anger that a person so young can still be claimed by a disease that so many in this nation overcome. I feel so much pain for my friend and his children, how can a mother with two small babies die? I feel so deeply about this horrible tragedy that my life feels like it’s flipped upside down.

When I stop and think about the events over the past few weeks, I just start crying, I get extremely emotional and upset. I picture myself in the shoes of my friend’s wife and think what would I do if I only had a few weeks to live? That answer is so obvious; I would spend every second with my children. When I’m home from work I spend as much time with my children as I can, I can’t waste one second working on freelance work or keeping up with Sweet Rock Media. I find myself writing little love notes to my children in their coloring books, working on scrapbooks and taking more photos. My husband and I have invested in life insurance policies in case something should happen to either of us. I’ve even started running on a regular basis, eating more healthy foods and taking a multi vitamin daily.

I know that in a few weeks when the initial shock and numbness of this tragedy start to fade I’ll be back to writing more frequently about SEO and internet marketing news. I’ll be back to working on freelance jobs and starting more personal projects.

In the mean time, I urge everyone to stay healthy and follow this link and Click to Give!

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  1. Wow, that is so so sad. :-( Of course you won’t be blogging frequently for awhile with something like that going on! My heart just breaks when life is taken way too soon. And when it’s one of your friends who passes away, the grief can really strike you in very unexpected ways and at unexpected times.

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