YouTube - Generating Passionate Debate Among Citizens of this Great Country.

Today Google announced a YouTube Channel dedicated to covering the 2008 Primary elections on February 5th also known as Super Tuesday.  The channel will allow anyone to upload videos to and geotag them so they can be tracked and viewed on a Google Map that resides in the Super Tuesday channel. Check out this Super Tuesday channel, found here:

(we’re still waiting on the map, nothing exciting yet.)

This year YouTube has really made great strides toward bringing the average person virtually into a political election.  First were the YouTube debates where anyone could submit questions to the candidates via videos and now up to date coverage of the primary election from people like you and me.  Our video submissions will contain observations and opinions, which always leads to great controversy and passionate debate among citizens of this great country.   The general election is sure to be heavily covered on YouTube as well. 

2008 is the beginning to a new political campaigning environment, one which I hope will motivate younger voters to research issues and view points that are not typically covered in the mainstream media.  I am also hopeful this type of political atmosphere will be motivate to younger voters who usually have poor turnout on Election Day to get to the polls and cast their vote. 

2 Responsesto “YouTube - Generating Passionate Debate Among Citizens of this Great Country.”

  1. so, if you dont already know, my vote doesnt count. neither does yours. the sooner you realize that, the better.

  2. I know, people died, and are still willing to die around the world for the right to vote, so like if nobody votes and then one insane maniac votes then we could get another Hitler or somebody like him. There is a reason why the US is the worlds top superpower and the beacon for freedom. unfortunately it has a lot to do with the constitution and the people who make and enforce the laws. The whole “my vote doest count” thing is funny to me. In a literal sense the fewer the number that vote, the more each vote “counts” voting is the great equalizer no matter how rich or connected you are, your skin color, gender or level of education you have, your vote counts the same.

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